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Enter the world of Shae Butter

If you instill in a child a love of reading, you open their minds and hearts to the limitless possibilites of an unleashed imagination.

Shae Butter Lost Her Ears

Like any girl her age, Shae Butter just wants to have fun. Unfortunately it's not always appropriate to slide down bannisters or dance in the hallways. Learning your boundaries as a pre-adolecent can be hard sometimes!
Or it used to be, until Shae discovers that she has the unique ability to remove her perfect little ears.
Now Shae must decide whether avoiding the boundaries set by the grown ups in her life is worth the trouble for the fun she has.

More About Shae Butter

Shae Butter is at that magical age where she is too old to be "a kid", but still young enough to believe in a world where magical things can happen. The emotional and social growing pains of her world have dramatic, physical effects and it is Shae's job to find the best way to deal with them.
Shae Butter introduces children to the complex social dynamics of the "tween" years: from the tentative steps for independence to the more complex interactions of the growing variety of social groups.

Release: 05/22/2016

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