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Darker Bedtime Stories

Some people are afraid of the dark, others the monsters that lurk in it. I fear the demons that drive the monsters screaming into the night.

Creedmoore, Texas: A small town just outside of the state capital of Austin. Life is hard, but rewarding for the people who thrive here through the sweat of their brow and the strength of their hands.


Against this semi-rural backdrop, Roja Elandez is experiencing changes. She is usually smart and level headed. Now she is angry, violent and barely on the limits of self control.


Now Roja must deal with the consequences of her actions, even as she discovers the darker truths hidden behind the secrets of her family, and herself.

In Dallas, Texas, adopted twins Hans and Greta have been returned to their parents after being abandoned at a gas station. Yet with the missing person's case solved it seems that the questions are just beginning.


In a cold interrogation room Stephen Wright, lead detective on the missing person's case, matches wits with a legendary figure known only as "The Iceman". Hidden in their discussion are the horrifying secrets of what really happened to the children during the hours of their disapperance, and the chilling aftermath of the case. 

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