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MotoGP: Assen 2011

It's only Monday - 1 day after Father's Day, 1 day after the last WSBK race, and already the internetz are abuzz with news of the impending MotoGP race. The first media salvo has come from Ducati, in the form of a press release stating that they will bring a "radically revised" GP11 (dubbed GP11.1) to the race for Rossi. Based heavily on the improvements that both Nicky and Rossi have approved for the GP12, the bike features several new elements including a new engine. That last turns out to be critical as Nicky, having already burned through more engines than Rossi, won't be able to use the new bike this weekend (a possible consequence of Rossi's early crash that saw him also take out Casey). As a result Nicky won't be able to use the new engine until Laguna. Just as interesting though, if not much more so, is the inclusion in the report that Ducati will be bringing a similar "seamless" gearbox to what is in use by Honda and has been credited for much of their improvement this year. This alone could be a huge coup, as Yamaha have yet to bring that technical advancement to the fore. In other news, it seems that Cal sharing garage space with Edwards is causing some of his habits to rub off. Still recovering from surgery, Call will try to race at Assen this weekend. Seem's Edwards might be the true "Doctor", and Cal's taking whatever medicine he's selling. Should be an interesting weekend.

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