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MotoGP: Aragon 2011

The Med-com Showdown: jux·ta·po·si·tion:  /ˌdʒʌkstəpəˈzɪʃən/ [juhk-stuh-puh-zish-uhn] –noun 1. an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast. Med-com: A situational comedy based on the medical arts. Often characterized by "over-the-top" characterizations of the protagonists and/or medical storyline. The room, made of rough-hewn stone and masonry, is eerily quiet as the small group huddles close to each other. The space is chilled, the industrial air conditioners over-working to compensate for the crush of bodies that are no longer present at such a late hour. There are only the men in the corner, in the darkness. More than one wishes for a cigarrette. They are all desperately tired, but none sleep. They keep watch, and draw comfort from proximity to each other. Presently the surgeon, the butcher, enters the room. His gown is white, and highlights the ghastly stains splattered all over it in stark contrast. They are the marks of his trade, evidence that he has been hard at work. Something wet sloughs from the gloves that he is only now removing. A homely maiden runs to him, her large breasts barely encased in by their peasant shawl threatening to spill with each bounce. She halts mere inches from him, unable to penetrate the nearly physical aura of power that now emanates from his body. She looks at him enthrallingly, suckles on a finger in nervous anxiety before looking pleadingly at the men. The have all become alert now, and one stands up in representation of the other. "Dr. Frankensteen...." he begins hesitatantly. "My name," the surgeon says forcefully, "Is FRANKENSTEIN! And my championship lives. IT LIVES!" He whips off his surgical mask, revealing the triumphant grin of Jorge Lorenzo as he cackles madly. The woman faints at his feet and suffers from a wardrobe malfunction. It is not hard to imagine Jorge Lorenzo as the (somewhat) mad Young Dr. Frankenstein. Facing the impossible task of bring life to something seemingly dead, Lorenzo may have found the secret texts that will see him emerge triumphant by season's end. Like the pieces of corpse (and Abbey Normal's brain), Lorenzo's championship hopes have certainlytried to die this season: taken out by Simoncelli (Igor?), an underpowered bike (by comparison of course), a legion of competitive adversaries (angry mob!).... It is a miracle that he is still in with a shot. But he is, and after his win and Casey's subsequent fall to 3rd at the finish of the last race he hopes of retaining the title are still not just a shot in the dark. Add to this that Aragon is his home race, his fan club will be present, and likely a victory celebration is already planned and you have the makings for a very driven ride this weekend. Yet if Lorenzo is Frankenstein, then sure Stoner will be Gregory House. While Lorenzo breathes life into dead flesh, Casey Stoner seems to diagnose malaise from astonishing angles of thought to arrive, at just the nick of time, with the ultimate solution. He'll make many false starts, he'll sit moodily in his office and discuss with his team the various problems that see him not at the speed that he wants. He will be frustrated, irate, and seemingly without hope as his chances for victory slip from his fingers. Then, as the quiet of anticipation descends on the field and everyone believes that they have it won, the light bulb shines and he knows, he just knows, that this is the answer. Suddenly the impossible becomes possible and he is dissecting the pack, removing the malignant tissue of his competitors and leaving only the clean track ahead. He has had a chance to rest since burning himself out on the last race. This could spell disaster for Lorenzo's ambitions. Then there is Il Doctore. On the surface, he is certainly struggling as a doctor on the current incarnation of the Ducati. Perhaps JD Dorian - from Scrubs - would be a fitting analogy. Seemingly confident, but still with so much to learn as he does his best to get to the level that he knows he has inside. Or is it? BOMBSHELL: Ducati will debut the new aluminum chassis at Aragon. Will this be the missing piece of the puzzle that unlocks of the Doctor's hidden potential? Will we be able to see even a glimmer of the former champion who battled ferociously with every one of the new guard in previous seasons? Roll on to race day.

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