MotoGP: 2016 Round 01 - Commercial Bank Grand Prix of Qatar

Commercial Bank Grand Prix of Qatar Losail International Circuit, Qatar

LENGTH: 5.4 km / 3.34 miles CORNERS: 6 left - 10 right WIDTH: 12 m. / 39.37 ft. LONGEST STRAIGHT: 1068 m. / 3503.94 ft. Laps: 22 2/3 of laps: - Total distance: 118.4 km / 73.5 miles

MODERATOR: Thank you to everyone for joining us today as we get ready to start the 2016 season. Thank you also all of riders who were able to join us today [pause]... this time. Jorge Lorenzo, as the reigning champion why don't we start with you? Can you speak to some of the preparations that you have done during the off season?

JORGE: Yes. Every season, we get harder....

IANNONE: [snickers and pokes Rossi]

JORGE: [pause] Yes, [i]it[/i] get harder to the physical. They have the new bike, and so I want to get best out of it. So I train really hard, and now I can do solo flights. So I think I am more ready now.

MODERATOR: I'm sorry, did you say solo flights?

LORENZO: Yes. Is this not the word? I do the ground school, the flying with instructor.

MODERATOR: I don't see how....

LORENZO: I do not have enough hour for full license, but they say since M1 now has so many wings it counts as solo flight hours. So end of season I get my license.

MODERATOR: I see. That's not quite... Ok, then. Do you have any concerns about Sunday's race?

LORENZO: Yes. I think I take the hole shot, then when I get to pit lane I exit and whole field follows me.

ROSSI: [quietly] It just got real!

MODERATOR: [hurriedly] So we'll switch now to Honda factory rider Marc Marquez. Marc you seemed to have been struggling a little early in the test but [url=]seemed to have found something that allowed you to stay with Lorenzo[/url].

ROSSI: [quietly] A tow hook?

MODERATOR: [hurriedly] Can you tell us a little, [b]MARC[/b], about that?

MARQUEZ: Yes we have some of the trouble with the electronics. It is new, the one size electronics, and the bike is not good with it yet. We have some troubles, but the team works hard and we find something. I try to stay with Lorenzo and then I am able to so this is good.

MODERATOR: Cal Crutchlow [url=]has said that this year's bike is more physical to ride[/url], and in fact finished less than 2 tenths behind you at the end of testing.

MARQUEZ: For sure, is harder. We understanding that there are plenty of changes. First is switch to Michelin. Then we have the new software, is not so good as last year. Then they mandate wings and landing gear....

MODERATOR: I'm sorry, Marc, to interrupt but the wings were not part of the technical updates for this year.

MARQUEZ: If we find something that they help then maybe...

SUPPO: [grabs mike] What Marc means to say is that Honda is investigating appropriate use of technologies already in evidence on other teams. And any decisions from the MotoGP governance concerning wings [url=]or ECUs or electronics has had no influence by Honda corporate, Repsol Honda or their subsidiaries.[/url]

MODERATOR: Er, okay. On that....

SUPPO: Ever. Just saying. Ever.

MODERATOR: Right. Ever. Moving on the the runner up last year. Valentino you came really close to wrapping up your 10th title but fell just short. How are you feeling going into this season after practice?

ROSSI: Yes, ah, is elephant in room with Marquez but I....

LORENZO: He call you fat.

MARQUEZ: You call me...

ROSSI: What? No, I say... look, is okay. We ride and we see Marquez behind Lorenzo. And Marquez push and Lorenzo push, but Marquez not trying to overtake Lorenzo.

MARQUEZ: I did not give Lorenzo race win!

ROSSI: I am, ah, talking about the practice.


ROSSI: Yes, I was saying. The tires, they are the new. But in practice we do the good laps. We are close over race distance. So I get close and then I have the chance.

MODERATOR: With new tires and electronics mandated for 2016 there has been a lot of talk about a level playing field to start the season. What's your strategy going into the first race.

ROSSI: Yes, for sure I think it is more even. Now we have to make improvement. I work with my trainer, Chun Li, and, ah, I think for sure we have something for the next race.

MARQUEZ: Chun Li... she is....

MODERATOR: Thank you everyone. Good luck in Qatar.

IANNONE: There are more people here you know.

MODERATOR: [turns off lights]

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