MotoGP: 2017 Round 13 - Gran Premio Tribul Mastercard di San Marino

Track map courtesy of Brembo Brakes

MotoGP 2017 Round 13 Brembo San Marino Track Map

Circuit Information courtesy of

LENGTH: 4.2 km / 2.63 miles CORNERS: 6 left - 10 right WIDTH: 14 m. / 45.93 ft. LONGEST STRAIGHT: 530 m. / 1738.85 ft. LAPS: 28 TOTAL DISTANCE: 118.3 km / 73.6 miles Circuit Record: 1'32.979 Dani PEDROSA (SPA) 2016 Average Speed (km/h): 162.3 Top Speed (km/h): 299.5

VH1 Presents: MotoGP - Behind the Races... Silverstone

NARRATOR: It had been a roller coaster season for the paddock filled with ups...

(Visual of Mav winning) (Visual of Marc winning) (Visual of Rossi winning)

filled with downs...

(Visual of Lorenzo riding... poorly) (Visual of Marc crashing) (Visual of Mav crashing)

But nobody could have predicted the drama that the British isles produced both on... and off the track.

MARC: Well yes, I ah come into Silverstone with the good feeling. I struggle early on the Honda, but... ah... we find the good feeling now. (laughs boyishly) Last year not so good, I finish in four, but is better than before years. (laughs boyishly) I no finish that one, is true. But is no worries because before that I win the race. So I say to myself, okay, is fine. I win, I no finish, I finish four. Now I have the good feeling with the bike and now I lead the championship. This time is different. (laughs boyishly and winks at female assistant. off screen splashing heard)

MAV: Of course I think it is positive, and we have a lot to prove. We start the season good but we make a mistake, and then the other riders push and there is a gap. (looks serious) So for sure we have some work to do, but it is good now. Last year with the other team, I push hard and I win this race. So sure, okay it is a little difficult now because I make mistakes before. But I know I can go good here.

NARRATOR: Even though many entered the weekend upbeat, others took a more somber tone. Across the paddock several competitors were not openly celebrating their good fortunes.

JORGE: My firrrst imprrression of the Ducati was that is verrry differrrent bike. I must change my style and they must change the bike, and maybe we meet togetherrr. I have the prrroblem with the front, but Gigi worrrks hard and Ducati has made good steps forward. This is a not so good trrrack for me, so the weekend will be a challenge. Okay, I come in second in 2014, then fourrrth in 2015 and sixth in 2016. So in a way is less prrressurrre for me and I can concentrate on learrrning the Ducati.

NARRATOR: Yet even as past champions began the task of setting their sights on the top steps, all eyes were focused on a rivalry spanning two continents and three manufacturers. When "Behind the Music... er Racing" returns, we'll talk some of MotoGP's most energizing and polarizing figures.

NARRATOR: As the action heated up over the weekend, the riders put on their game faces and set to do battle. However the major talking point came from the most unlikely of places.

(clip of Marc rushing towards the camera as his engine implodes)

Marc Marquez, championship leader, suffers a catastrophic engine failure and is forced to retire.

(clip of Marc's engine imploding from the helicopter)

Suddenly, the championship prospects are completely reshuffled as the race unfolds.

(clip of Marc's engine committing [i]sepoku[/i] from cellphone in portrait mode because the owner is a dingleberry)

When the dust settles, Andrea Dovizioso was leading the championship and Valentino Rossi was once again in the title hunt.

ANDREA: Yes, it was a good race. I pushed very hard and won. It was my third win this season, and now I am leading the championship. The focus of everyone is on the [i]ali[/i], this word in English, the wings? Yes, the wings. And they are good for Jorge, but I already have the feeling with the bike. Gigi, he did the good work and now I can fight for the championship. In Misano I am fourth in 2014, but then eighth and sixth. Now I am strong, so I think podium in Italy and for sure I will fight for the win.

NARRATOR: Ducati was not the only beneficiary of Honda's misfortune. Marc's DNF suddenly brought both Yamaha riders back into strong contention for the title, with none possibly benefiting more than Valentino Rossi.

ROSSI: Yes, is ah good. In the beginning I was, ah, the pushing and I make the break. (pokes into ear with finger. visibly resists sniffing) But then I could not get away. Then I see that Marc is out, so I say okay. Is no need to take the risk. The other guys, they are a little bit faster. So I try to stay but I make sure that I no crash. Now we go to Misano. I win in 2014 and second last year. Now I fight for the win and, ah, take the lead in the championship.

NARRATOR: But trouble was lurking around the corner. When Behind the Racing returns, a final twist to the Silverstone weekend.

NARRATOR: It was the accident nobody saw coming.

(sympathetic shot of Lorenzo with two broken legs)

In the middle of motocross training in preparation for one of the biggest races of this point of his career since his last race, Valentino Rossi suffered an accident with a multiple fracture injury. Surgery to repair the injury was successful, but the former champion's hopes of a tenth title are now dashed. Reactions in the paddock over the news was spirited.

CAL: You (expletive) wanker! He's not the only rider on the (expletive) track, you know. I bloody had surgery too. Not like you (expletive) lickers give half a (expletive). Might as well be (NSFW) with your own (NSFW). You know what, why doesn't that (expletive) stop making googley eyes and Marc and shove both her (NSFW) until you (NSFW) all over yourself. (NSFW) guzzling (expletive).

NARRATOR: Former championship leader Marc Marquez was equally effusive.

MARC: Is a shame, but you know is racing. (smiles boyishly)

NARRATOR: Marc... didn't you say that after the falling out with Valentino two years ago you gave up all of his memorabilia?

MARC: Yes, is true. (smiles boyishly)

NARRATOR: Okay. Well... and it's probably nothing. It's just that, and this might be nothing, but I was wondering about that plush doll with all of the pins in it?

MARC: (smiles boyishly)

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